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Author Topic: Android to PC to display Text on a PC Screen for deaf person  (Read 589 times)

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Android to PC to display Text on a PC Screen for deaf person
« on: August 18, 2019, 05:22:59 PM »
Figured I'd see what you all have for ideas on a solution for my supervisors 93 year old mother. She is deaf and she cant hear a phone ringing to know its ringing. I suggested adding a strobe light that would flash when phone is ringing so she knew when a call was coming in, but he said he doesnt like the idea of a strobe light.

His request is that he wants to be able to text on his android phone in an app and have the text appear big on a 32" screen that would be next to the television where she sits at most of the day so that when he needs to get a hold of his mother she would see the text on the 32" PC monitor to the side of the TV. Her eye sight is good but she cant hear.

One idea I have is that she has a facebook page with the IM open and he messages her facebook account from the android device, however he wants the large text only on the screen and nothing else displayed if thats possible. So not sure if there are any addons for facebook to make the IM full screen and then increase the font size to huge or if there is a better method of getting large text to PC screen.

Initially he hit me up asking if he could send the message via SMS and have the PC get that text message, but I told him that I am not aware of any easy way to get SMS to a PC. I stated that if she had a newer android phone that had an HDMI output you might be able to have her with a phone that is connected to a 32" TV to the side of the TV and go that route but not sure if you would be able to get the font of the text as big as you want it with it casted to TV through HDMI to phone.

So my thought is to avoid SMS and use a different method such as a regular IM vs Text Message which requires a SMS supported device to view.

So what suggestions to you all have to help him out? (Maybe an app already exists that both of us are not aware of.)

Note: Added another idea but there might be a better solution. A PC with a video card with 2 displays. One with facebook open. Other with text to be viewed in large text on a browser. I run a macro that parses the information from facebook IM and adds it to a HTML file. The browser is running a javascript or another time delay macro that performs a F5 refresh to the browser that updates every 15 seconds refreshing the webpage with the latest text to be displayed as large text.


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Re: Android to PC to display Text on a PC Screen for deaf person
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2019, 09:47:18 PM »
I think I understand what you need. Bu I am going to have to thinks this over a bit and try to make a clear description.
Some Android devices can create test from your voice. I do not like to text on my smartphone, so I dilate text by voice when doing a chat by text.

I have low vision. What helps me are very powerful reading classes.  However, they only work at short distance, so I have to hold the Android up to my face.

Both monitors I use on my desktop are 32 inch TV sets. The both have HDMI inputs. On one I can put a chrome cast or other  device and send the android screen to the TV set on the other HDMI port. Huge text size.

I will come back later, it is late and I have study to do.  :)