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Author Topic: - Slow Dial-up...Re-visted  (Read 5487 times)

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- Slow Dial-up...Re-visted
« on: June 26, 2006, 03:08:52 PM »
Hello all,

I had to revert to dial-up about a month ago from Broadband. >:(  I realize that the phrase "slow dial-up" is an oxymoron, but I just wanted to ask this question anyway.  I'm sure this issue has been addressed ad nauseam on these forums before, so please forgive me.
Computer Specs:
-2.4 Ghz Pentium 4
-512 MB of Ram
-GTW V.92 Voicemodem
-Windows XP Home Addition Sp2
2006 Norton Antivirus
Zone Labs Firewall

When I first connected to dial up my speeds were running at 49 to 50 odd kb/s.  One day, about 2 weeks ago, the best speed I could connect at was 31,200 bps.  I've check the log and it hasn't gone above this speed since it slowed down.
I checked with my ISP and they suggested trying different "modem initialization strings".  I tried this and it didn't help.  They said if this didn't work, my last resort would be to buy a new modem. :o  I've ran spy ware/ad ware, virus scans, file clean up program, and defragged my hard drive.  I've written my ISP provider and they do not seem to acknowledge that I exist.  Any suggestions on how I can get my 49 to 50 kbs speed back?  Thanks for any suggestions or help you can give me.  (I know...get on DSL!, believe it or not, it's not provided in my little part of the boondocks)

Thanks you,


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    Re:  - Slow Dial-up...Re-visted
    « Reply #1 on: June 26, 2006, 03:50:17 PM »
    If you are really in the boondocks as you say, I'd be more inclined to the problem is caused by line condition. Could be in the house wiring, could be in the phone company facilities. If you have recently added an extension phone or other device, try disconnecting it and see if it helps. Most people don't realize that other devices on the line can affect modem speed (not always, but more often than one would think).
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    Re:  - Slow Dial-up...Re-visted
    « Reply #2 on: June 26, 2006, 04:54:12 PM »
    I donít live in the boondocks but I too canít get DSL service.  I have found that the dialup line I use has problems on it every time someone else in the neighborhood has moved in or out.  Seems the tele-techs mess with my facilities and line when they are working on others.  I think Iíve called them 5 or 6 times in the past 2 years to get out and check the line condition for service.  No DSL is a b!tch.  :'(

    And ,,, I just remembered that I have two lines at the house, I compare one to the other; is it possible that you have a second line that you can try?  Also 2k is correct,,,,, you may have another phone answers unit or extension in the house that can cause you trouble.  You may want to disconnect all other items first and then try dialup to see if it is improved.   :-?


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    Re: †- Slow Dial-up...Re-visted
    « Reply #3 on: June 27, 2006, 09:28:38 AM »
    I haven't noticed any phone line changes in my apartment building.  No changes in my apartment.  Maybe something changed in the neighborhood.  I did mess around with the connection, but that didn't help. >:(  Perhaps it is my phone company.  Any other suggestions?

    I will have DSL access in July, but am still debating on getting it.  I probably won't take much more of this dial-up #@&% to make up my mind! ;D



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    Re:  - Slow Dial-up...Re-visted
    « Reply #4 on: June 27, 2006, 05:01:09 PM »
    The phone company is the best way to test your speed. See what they have to say about improving your connectivity.

    You might also look here:





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    Re: †- Slow Dial-up...Re-visted
    « Reply #5 on: June 28, 2006, 10:08:14 AM »
    Thank you GX1_Man for your response and the great links. :) I'll give 'em a try!