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Author Topic: ipconfig error HELP!  (Read 2425 times)

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ipconfig error HELP!
« on: August 19, 2007, 06:58:49 PM »
My wireless coinnection stopped working. I have a Compaq Pressario laptop. when I plug in an ethernet cable to the router, it still does not work, however it does work with my other laptop.  I am fairly confident it is not a router or modem issue..  when I spoke with my ISP support, they had me run ipconfig command... it comes back with "an internal error occured... unable to query host name.  he also had my try ping and it didn't work - he said something is corrupt...  I'm not sure what to do next.

both my ethernet and wireless connectors appear ok in the device manager.

one other note - I have a DLINK DI-514 wireless router. I tried looking at the settings. the instructions say to type "" in my browser and hit go - but when I do that nothing happens.

any advise is greatly appreciated!
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    Re: ipconfig error HELP!
    « Reply #1 on: August 20, 2007, 08:20:36 PM »
    more info would be helpful.
    what's your os?
    what service pack?
    have you tried resetting your router?
    has it occured to you that maybe the ethernet port in one of your laptops is faulty?
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