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« on: December 24, 2007, 10:42:41 AM »

View, edit, sort, export, and convert CSV files with this powerful utility.

CSV (Comma Separated Value) files are among the most common means of transferring data between otherwise incompatible systems. They are human-readable and nearly every program which deals with rows of data can parse them. However, they can be a nightmare to edit and view manually, especially if they are large. CSVed, a "cardware" program, is an extraordinary tool to view, edit, and manipulate these files. It has become part of my standard utility toolbox and I anticipate it using it daily in the future, since many files I work with as a database programmer come to me in this format.

The interface is easy to use, but not uncluttered. The top half of the screen shows your data; the bottom half has tabs. A lot of tabs. If there is something a reasonable user might wish to do with a CSV file that this program doesn't have an option for, somewhere, I will be surprised. Delete a column, sort by a column, edit a single record or set a value for a whole column, even swap the negative sign from the front of a number to the back--the feature set is incredibly rich.

The program is also capable of changing the separator from a comma to a tab, pipe, or a user-selected symbol, as well as many other manipulations. It can also export to XML, and this was the only feature I found which was "quirky". The XML file it output seemed well-formed when I opened in a text editor, but it could not be read by Microsoft's XML viewer due to an invalid (blank) encoding type. Removing the ' encoding="" ' tag in the XML file header fixed this problem and the file then opened perfectly.

I tested the program with several CSV files I use in my database work, and it opened even the largest (15 megabytes) quickly and smoothly. If you work with CSV files at all, I strongly recommend this program.