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Author Topic: MS Outlook - "Allow in-cell editing" on one field only  (Read 1699 times)

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MS Outlook - "Allow in-cell editing" on one field only
« on: January 04, 2008, 06:57:22 AM »

I have a group inbox in Outlook which is accessible by a number of people. I want to create a user-defined field so that whoever wants to "take charge" of an incoming mail can put their initials on it so that the others don't need to read it (theres a lot of e-mails there!).

I tried switching on the "Allow in-cell Editing" option, which allows someone to type their initials in the user-defined field. The only problem is by doing this the user can also edit the subject/authr etc.

Is there any way to limit the "Allow in-cell Editing" option to one field?