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Author Topic: No monitor Display  (Read 811 times)

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Brendan Hart

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No monitor Display
« on: February 29, 2008, 10:44:31 AM »
Motherboard: ga-m55sli-s4
Processor: amd64 5200+ am2
Graphics card: Geforce 6500 GT
Ram: 2x 512mb (in 1 channel) 1x 1024mb(2nd channel)

Recently I moved interstate and had to change monitor from a Viewsonic 22" wide screen to a ova 10yr old 15" CRT, so Im playing diablo 2 and all of a sudden the screen goes black and has about 5 lines going diagonaly across, then it totally cuts out. I just turn off my machine left it to rest until i felt like using it again and when I did it turned on normally, monitor worked.

1 day later the same thing happens and the monitor goes blank. So i tryed turning it back on wouldnt work, so i left it over night and it was fine in the morning. I am thinking the monitor is just old and is getting too heated.  So im playing games with my friend again and it cuts out and I left it a few hrs
doesnt work, left it for the rest of the night, still doesnt work. I swapped to my dads computers monitor and it still doesnt work... hmm what is going on.

So far I have removed gfx card and re-installed it into its spot, and reset the bios, because i know some computers struggle to go to new monitors. Still hasnt fixed my problem.

I am positive my computer is booting up properly because it has the usual sounds, then when its finished with DOS it doesnt turn off instantly I have to hold in. Where as when in DOS it turns off just by pushing in once without holding. Also front lights for 2 cd drives light up, and fans work, including gfx card fan.

Anyways post your theories and Ill try to keep u up to date on progress