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Author Topic: How do I revert to a previously saved version of a Word document?  (Read 4984 times)

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    I had two versions of a document saved on my computer; one on the desktop, one in a file folder in My Documents. I thought I was working with the document in the file folder in My Documents (we'll call it the "My Doc" file), but I was actually working with the desktop file (Desktop). I wanted to update and save My Doc while keeping the other version (Desktop) as it originally was before the update (making a sort of archive of progress with the document). But, instead of doing that, I got confused and saved Desktop as the changed, new version, and then, in a effort to make sure I was saving the right document, did a Save As and saved (and replaced) the My Doc file. So my questions are:

    Is there anyway that I can revert to the original document (before I Save and Save As'd the documents), in either the Desktop or My Documents? Is there an AutoRecovery file or something like that that may have been preserved before I saved both documents as the new, changed file?


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    Re: How do I revert to a previously saved version of a Word document?
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    Only if you have Shadow Copy on say a Windows Server 2003 box or another 3rd party protection utility enabled could you be able to get it back. If same name and overwritten, and no backup...there is nothing to be done to get it back to its previous state that I know of....sorry!  :-\

    I set my data like this to READ-ONLY to avoid this same issue in addition to frequent backups to external media.