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Delete deceased persons e-mail, Facebook, or other account

DeleteUnfortunately, without usernames and passwords it can be difficult and in some cases impossible to manage or delete a loved ones account. Below are some things that can be done to help make this process easier for you when deleting an e-mail, Facebook, Gmail, AOL, eBay, MySpace, Hotmail, YouTube, Yahoo, or other account.

Login from that users computer

Many users save their passwords and usernames on their computer. Sometimes logging into their accounts from their computers allow you to access the account and modify or delete it. Unfortunately, if you do not have the username and password for the computer this may not be possible.

Use forgot password

If you have access to the deceased persons e-mail account it can be used to gain access to all other accounts. Use the forgot username or password feature found on the login page to send you the username and password to the e-mail.

Contact company

AOL - Requires a phone call.
Facebook report deceased person
Gmail deceased account help page
Microsoft MSN and Hotmail deceased link
MySpace delete deceased account page
World of Warcraft - Blizzard deceased account page
YouTube deceased account page

Non-transferable or accessible accounts

Some companies have strict policies when it comes to accessing or deleting a deceased account. These policies may prevent an account to be deleted, even if requested by a family member of the deceased. Many times the only method of getting the account removed or accessible is by court order.


Other company accounts

If the company you want to cancel the account for is not listed above we suggest calling that company for suggestions on how to cancel the account. A large listing of contact information for computer and Internet related companies is found on our third-party contact page.

Stop payment

If the account you're wanting to change requires a payment such as an e-mail account with an ISP like AOL stopping the payment on that account will delete the account.

Let expire

In the case of e-mail accounts many times letting the e-mail expire will be enough for most people. Over time an e-mail account will fill up or expire (often within a year). However, this may not always be the case for every company. Before resorting to this last suggestion make sure the company will remove the account if inactive.