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Click bait

link baitAlternatively referred to as link bait, clickbait or click bait is a term used to describe a type of hyperlink on a web page that entices a visitor to click to continue reading an article. Typically click bait links will forward the user to a page that requires payment, registration, or is one in a series of pages to help drive page views for the site.

Most click bait type links have catchy or provocative headlines that are difficult for most users to resist and often have little or nothing to do with the actual web page. For example, consider the two example links below, which point to the same page.

Non-click bait link:

Computer keyboard shortcut keys

The same link using click bait headlines:

Miley Cyrus' favorite keyboard shortcuts

Why using shortcut keys can save you hundreds of dollars a day

Keyboard shortcuts that won't make you look like an idiot

Is not using shortcut keys making your gain weight?

Does click bait work?

If a click bait heading or hyperlink is designed correctly or is catchy, it can be successful in getting people to visit the link. If your only intention is to drive traffic to a page, a click bait link could help. However, if the visitor feels tricked or the information on the page doesn't match the title they will quickly leave and you will lose the visitors trust. There is a lot more to designing a good page than a click bait heading and hyperlink.

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