Tab arrow mark1. A tab is an indentation at the beginning of a line to signify a new paragraph in a document. Usually about five spaces, tabs are primarily used to help create equal spacing between multiple lines and to start a new paragraph. When formatting marks are visible tabs are represented by an arrow pointing to the right, as shown in the example picture to the right.

2. In a software program window and on the Internet, a tab allows for the user to access different parts of a menu, display, or page. below is an example of what tabs may look like in a Microsoft Windows window.


Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Tab to switch between open tabs in a document or web browser.

3. With Internet browsers a tab refers to an open window in tabbed browsing.

Tab keyboard key4. A tab is a keyboard key that inserts a tab character or advances the cursor to other tab settings on a line. This key can also move between selectable items in a dialog box. The picture shows an example of what the tab key may look like on the keyboard.

5. A tab is a plastic piece used to enable/disable write-protection on floppy diskette drives.

6. When referring to a command tabs is a Linux command that sets tabs in a terminal. See the tabs command for further information on this command.

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