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About cal

Display a conveniently-formatted calendar from the command line.


cal originally appeared in version 6 of AT&T Unix. Since then there have been versions released for BSD, Linux, and other Unix variants. You should check your particular installation's manual for version-specific options. Listed below are the traditional syntax and options for Unix cal.

In general, if no options are given, cal displays the current month at the command line. It's a quick and convenient way to glance at the dates of the month, and can be useful as part of a login script.

cal syntax

cal [options] [[[day] month] year]



Display a single month. This is the default.


Display three months: last month, this month, and next month.


Display the calendar using Sunday as the first day of the week.


Display Monday as the first day of the week.


Display dates of the Julian calendar.


Display a calendar for the entire current year.

cal examples


Displays the calendar for this month.

cal 12 2000

Displays the calendar for December of the year 2000.

calendar — Display appointments and reminders.