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Linux and Unix jobs command

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About jobs

Lists the status of all running jobs.

jobs syntax

jobs [-lnprs] [JOBSPEC ...]


JOBSPEC Job name or number.
-l lists process IDs in addition to the normal information.
-n list only processes that have changed status since the last notification.
-p lists process IDs only.
-r restrict output to running jobs.
-s restrict output to stopped jobs.

jobs examples


Displays all running jobs. Output is similar to the following:

[1] + Stopped (user) top 

Here, the job number 1 has been suspended by the user, and the process in this case is the top utility.

jobs -l

When supplied the -l option, jobs displays process IDs in addition to job number, similar to the following output:

[3] 16882 Running ./chsearchproc (wd: ~/public_html/cgi-bin/chsearch) 

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