Utility downloads

Updated: 04/30/2020 by Computer Hope


autorunpro.zip - An executable file used with autorun.inf that enables users to create a CD that automatically runs an HTML file, batch file, or any other non-executable file.

Version: 1.2
Requirements: Windows and at least 103 KB of available space on the disk.


Bat2exe.com - Convert batch files to executable files, preventing others not to see the source code and keep it hidden.

Version: 1.2
Requirements: MS-DOS 5.x and above with at least 7 KB of disk space.


Pseng103.exe - Software utility used to control the Intel Pentium III processor from enabled to disabled.

Requirements: Windows and at least 1.1 MB of free disk space.


Sleep.exe - Allows users to create programs or batch files that cause their computers to sleep or wait a specific amount of time. The source code for another similar sleep file is also on our debug page.

Requirements: MS-DOS 5.x or Windows and at least 125 KB of disk space.


Split.zip - Windows utility used to split large files into multiple small files. Note: The file must be at least 128 k to be split into multiple files.

Version: 3.1b
Requirements: Windows and at least 300 KB of disk space.


Wp6rtf.exe - Utility to convert a Microsoft Works document into a readable file for Microsoft Word. See the following page for further information and examples of this utility.

Requirements: Windows 98 and above and at least 1.4 MB of disk space.