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06/30/2019 - C - Computer Dictionary and Glossary
06/30/2019 - V - Computer Dictionary and Glossary
06/30/2019 - R - Computer Dictionary and Glossary
06/30/2019 - *NEW* What is a Programming Language?
06/30/2019 - *NEW* What is Cryptocurrency?
06/30/2019 - *NEW* What is BOINC?
06/30/2019 - Top 10 Firefox add-ons
06/30/2019 - *NEW* Why am I getting a #NAME? error in Microsoft Excel?
06/30/2019 - *NEW* How to track changes in Microsoft Word and Excel
06/30/2019 - *NEW* What is CUDA?
06/30/2019 - *NEW* What is a Hyperlink?
06/30/2019 - *NEW* What is Power Supply?
06/30/2019 - *NEW* What is a Microphone?
06/30/2019 - *NEW* What is Technology?
06/30/2019 - *NEW* How is a picture added to a computer?
06/30/2019 - What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?
06/30/2019 - What is a Touch Screen?
06/30/2019 - What is OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)?
06/30/2019 - *NEW* What is the PlayStation?
06/30/2019 - *NEW* What is Optane Memory?

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5/13/19 - Because of abuse we've decided to deprecate the Is It Up tool for checking the status of an IP address or web address. All requests to this tool now point to CH001800 that links to other similar tools through other websites. All features of the Computer Hope search engine were also changed to reflect this change.

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  • Continuing work on resolving all of the current Computer Hope e-mail related issues.
  • Creating an automated help agent to help users who are not sure what to search for or how to find help locate help. Now in beta: Mr. Hope.

In addition to the above upcoming information Computer Hope is always working on several other new ideas and creating new information. To keep unique Computer Hope will disclose items close to their release date or at a time we find suitable. All above upcoming information and changes have no dates listed on purpose and are commonly listed in the order that we believe they will be completed.

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