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Author Topic: Font Problems! HELP!!  (Read 8189 times)

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Font Problems! HELP!!
« on: March 15, 2004, 12:29:52 AM »
I have been dealing with this trouble for some time now, and still I have absolutely no clue what's going on!! The problem is I cannot install any fonts to my Fonts folder, nor can I even preview them by clicking them open! When I do, it says it is an invalid TTF file, although before I had the trouble I viewed them just fine. Everything was going fine for while, but then one day I realized that as I was installing them, or at least thought I was, when I would go to look for them they wouldn't be there. I thought I had maybe overloaded the folder, so I carefully copied and removed all of them except for the Standard Windows fonts neccessary for operation, and I placed them all in a separate folder on my desktop. The fonts in the Windows Fonts folder worked in Word and my graphics programs, but the ones in the Folder I had placed on the desktop did not, so I copied them all again and pasted them back into the Windows Fonts folder. A few of the fonts worked again, but the majority of them would not! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times, no good. I also use The Font Thing to manage my fonts, and tried to install them through there. The ones that did install did not install correctly. They all default back to Arial! UGH!!  >:( I'm not even as much worried about having the fonts installed in the Windows Fonts folder as I am about having them to work! I am aware that the fonts can be used as long as I open them up and then go into my graphics program, so I would be fine with them staying in a separate folder, just as long as they *would* open to allow it!

As you can see, I am more than a little frustrated with this trouble, and I would appreciate any help you could offer!  

My OS is Windows ME, and if you need any additional info, I would be more than willing to provide it to get this trouble fixed!

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Re: Font Problems! HELP!!
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2004, 12:35:58 PM »

Try downloading TweakUI and opening TweakUI, click on the Repair tab, and try repairing the font folder. Information about TweakUI can be found on the below link.


If this does not resolve your issue could you please provide us with additional information about the error if there is any? For example does the invalid TTF file have any error codes and/or does it say which file is invalid? Finally, what is occurring when you attempt to install fonts?

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