Top 10 Windows 8 tips and tricks

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On April 8, 2014, Microsoft released Windows 8.1, which was a free upgrade for anyone running Windows 8. This update addressed many of the problems users had with Window... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: Scalable Font

Yesterday's word - Random word

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Alternatively referred to as a vector font or font scaling, a scalable font can increase in size without causing any degradation in the quality. Unlike bitmapped fonts, ... Continue reading

How to Find the Version of an Internet Browser

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As with many types of software, Internet browsers are updated periodically to add features and prevent or patch security vulnerabilities. For these reasons, it is import... Continue reading

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Today in Computer History

1957 - The Russian satellite Sputnik runs out of batteries and stops transmitting its steady beep.
1984 - The original Terminator movie was released.
1994 - NetBSD 1.0 was released.
1995 - CPAN was introduced.
2006 - President George Bush signs the US Patriot Act, reducing restrictions on telephone, e-mail, and other communication searches.
2007 - Apple introduces Mac OS X 10.5 code named Leopard.
2009 - The Borderlands game was first released for the PC.
2012 - Microsoft releases Windows 8 and Surface.
2015 - Microsoft released the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book.

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