Enabling Windows GodMode

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Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit version) introduced a new hidden feature called GodMode that lets you view and adjust all settings within Windows. To create a shortcut t... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: The Internet

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Alternatively called the net or web, the Internet (interconnected network) was initially developed to aid in the progress of computing technology by linking academic com... Continue reading

How Long Should I Charge My Laptop Battery?

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Below are some general guidelines to follow when charging your laptop computer battery. Realize these are general suggestions. Consult your laptop or battery documentati... Continue reading

Today in Computer History

1791 - Michael Faraday was born.
1948 - Gaston Gonnet was born.
1999 - Tektronix announced it would sell its color printing business to Xerox.
2002 - Blizzard announced StarCraft: Ghost.
2014 - Fullscreen, Inc. became a subsidiary of Otter Media.

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