How to post or tweet a picture on Twitter

Updated: 08/31/2020 by Computer Hope
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Would you like to add a photo, video, or animated GIF (graphics interchange format) to your tweets? You can use the Twitter app on your Android or iOS device, or from a Twitter's website using your web browser.

You can attach up to four photos, one video, or one GIF to any individual tweet.

Using an Android or iOS mobile device

In the Twitter app, tap the compose tweet button to create a new tweet.

Note to iOS users

Under the box where you can compose your message, you will see quick selection options for adding a photo or video. Recently-taken photos in your camera's gallery appears as thumbnails, which you can tap to quickly add that photo to your tweet.

Tap the camera button to take a new photo using your phone's camera, or choose a photo or animated GIF from your gallery. To record a new video, tap the video icon to activate your camera. Hold down the red video icon to begin recording, and release the button to stop. You can hold down the button again to continue recording, up to a maximum video length of 140 seconds. Click play to preview, or done to accept the video.

To search for an animated GIF from Twitter's GIF gallery, tap the GIF button.

To send your tweet, tap the tweet button.

Using a web browser

Log in to your account on Twitter. Use the compose tweet button to create a new tweet.

Click the add media button. Select a photo, video, or GIF from your computer, and click open. Maximum file size is 512 MB, and maximum video length is 140 seconds.

If it's a video, click edit to trim the video to a shorter clip.

To send your tweet, click tweet.