Brain dump

Updated: 09/15/2017 by Computer Hope

Brain dumpA brain dump is a listing of questions and sometimes answers by individuals who have taken a test and remember some of what was on the test and write down after taking the test. Once these have been written down, the individual can locate the correct answer on the Internet. Brain dumps can help allow users not familiar with a test subject to memorize the test questions and answers helping enable them pass a test. While this may sound beneficial, below is a list of several reasons why we recommend not using brain dumps.

Why you shouldn't use brain dumps

  1. It's considered cheating.
  2. You may be memorizing incorrect answers, causing you to do worse on the test.
  3. If caught, your certification can be permanently removed and cause you to lose any credibility.
  4. Many tests have randomized questions, which means the questions and answers you're trying to memorize may not even be on your version of the test.
  5. The whole idea behind tests is to make sure you understand the subject. If you cheat to pass the test, you may gain a certification, however, when the time comes to know the information, you'll likely fail and lose your job and possibly certification.

I'm aware of the above, but still want to find brain dumps online

Instead of looking for brain dumps for testing or cramming find example tests online or in books relating to your subject. Computer Hope will not provide any user with locations to online brain dumps and does not have any brain dump to e-mail you.

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