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A dashboard may refer to any of the following:

1. Dashboard is a feature included with the Apple macOS that allows Apple users access to small programs known as widgets.

How to open the Apple macOS Dashboard

The Apple macOS Dashboard can be accessed using any of the methods below.

  • Swipe three fingers up on the touchpad or press F3 to open Mission Control, and then open Dashboard.
  • Open Launchpad through the Dock or by pressing F4, and then click Dashboard.
  • While in the Finder, swipe two or more fingers from right to left.
  • With macOS v10.6 and earlier, the Dashboard can be opened through the Dashboard icon in the Dock.

2. In general, a dashboard is a collection of data (production data, financial data, etc.) displayed in a graphical layout (a graph or chart). They are utilized by a business to gauge its success and health, make adjustments to production levels, determine financial stability, or other types of business analysis. The following picture contains examples of dashboards.

Dashboard examples

YouTube Studio logo.

3. On YouTube, more specifically YouTube Studio, the Dashboard is an area where users can see information about their YouTube channel. For example, how their latest YouTube short is performing, or channel analytics numbers, like total watch time or how many subscribers they have.

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