Johannes Kepler

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Johannes Kepler

Name: Johannes Kepler

Born: December 27, 1571, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: November 15, 1630 (Age: 58)

Computer-related contributions

  • German mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and key figure in the 17th century scientific revolution.
  • Best known for his eponymous laws of planetary motion and Kepler conjecture.
  • He did fundamental work in the field of optics, invented an improved version of the refracting telescope (the Keplerian Telescope).

Significant publications

  • Somnium (The Dream) (1634).
  • Mysterium cosmographicum (The Sacred Mystery of the Cosmos) 2nd Edition (1621).
  • De nive sexangula (On the Six-Cornered Snowflake) (1611).
  • Mysterium cosmographicum (The Sacred Mystery of the Cosmos) (1596).

Honors and awards

  • Kepler's laws of planetary motion for astronomical calculations named in his honor.
  • Kepler's Star, Supernova 1604, which he observed and described named in his honor.
  • Kepler, a crater on the moon and on mars named in his honor.