Linux partprobe command

Updated: 05/04/2019 by Computer Hope
partprobe command

On Linux operating systems, the partprobe command is used to inform the operating system of partition table changes.


partprobe is a program that informs the operating system kernel of partition table changes, by requesting that the operating system re-read the partition table. For instance, if you create a new partition on one of your disks using parted, you should run partprobe afterwards to make the kernel aware of the new partition configuration.


partprobe [-d] [-s] [devices...]


-d Don't update the kernel.
-s Show a summary of devices and their partitions.
-h Show summary of options.
-v Show version of program.



Update the kernel's information about the current status of disk partitions, asking it to re-read the partition table.

parted — A disk partition manipulation program.