Disk I/O error as computer starts

A disk I/O error occurs any time the computer is unable to read a diskette, disc, or other disk in the computer. Below are different recommendations to try before assuming the diskette, disc, or other disk is bad.

Floppy diskette, CD, or DVD disc in the computer

Computer CD-ROMIf you are attempting to boot the computer from a floppy diskette, CD, or other disc follow the below recommendations. If you're not attempting to boot from a diskette or disc make sure no floppy diskette or CD is in the computer. It's possible the computer may be trying to boot from a non-bootable disk, which is causing this error.

  1. Remove the floppy diskette or CD from the computer and put it back in and press any key to continue.
  2. Try rebooting the computer.
  3. Recreate the bootable diskette or CD you're attempting to boot from. It's possible it's bad and the computer is unable to use it. If this is a CD or DVD try cleaning it.
  4. Try booting the diskette or disc in a different computer. If that computer is able to boot without the error it's likely you're encountering an issue with your drive.

No diskette or CD disc in the computer

If you have no diskette or CD in the computer and are getting the Disk I/O error as the computer is starting this is referring to your hard drive. Unfortunately, this is often an indication of a hard drive failure, follow the hard disk fail recommendations for additional steps in troubleshooting this issue.

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