Computer is telling me my C drive is full or out of space

Computer hard driveTo resolve this issue follow each of the steps below. Often cleaning the hard drive of old files is usually enough.

Clean up the hard drive

Need larger hard drive

If you find yourself frequently running out of disk space or the above recommendation did not help resolve your issue, it may be necessary to upgrade or add another hard drive to your computer.

Add another hard drive

If you have a decent sized hard drive (larger than 100GB for more recent computers), but are running out of disk space, adding a new hard drive gives you additional storage without having to erase the existing hard drive. This could be either an internal or external hard drive.

Replace current hard drive

If your hard drive is less than 100GB, you may want to consider replacing the current hard drive with a new hard drive. Unfortunately, if you do decide to do this, you need to reinstall the operating system and all the programs again.

Hard drive is failing

Disk drive utilities such as Windows scandisk, will mark sections of the hard drive as bad if errors are encountered during a scan. Sections that are marked will be skipped and have no data stored on them, which can cause the hard drive to run out of space if large portions of the drive are marked.

If you're running Microsoft Windows when running scandisk, check the option "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors." Additional help and information about running scandisk can be found on our scandisk help page.