How do I determine a printer IP address?

Note: This document applies to network printers. If your printer is connected to a computer or device that allows your printer to be shared, the network IP address are found on that computer or device.

Canon printerA printer's network IP address can be determined through the onboard printer menu. To get this menu varies, depending on the printer you have, and may require you refer to the printer documentation to get the exact steps. However, the general steps below will get you to this section and help guide you further with configuring this setting.

  1. On the actual printer press the Menu or Setup button.
  2. Continue pressing the Menu button, or using the arrows to navigate the printer menu until you get to a networking or network setup option and press enter.
  3. Use the arrows to navigate through the available network options, and select TCP/IP or IP address to view and change the IP address settings.

DHCP, BOOTP, Ethertalk, or Manual?

When entering the network setup of your printer, you'll often be prompted for different network configurations. Below are a listing of each of the most common modes as well as a brief description on each.

  • DHCP - The most common configuration and often the default setting. When set on a network with DHCP the printer will automatically be assigned its network settings including the IP address for your network.
  • Manual - If you need to manually configure the printers network settings choosing this option or one similar to it allows you to manually enter your network values.
  • EtherTalk - Older communication for printer communicating over Ethernet using Apple AppleTalk.
  • BOOTP - Another method of automatically from a server on a network.

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