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Apple iPhone1. The iPhone is an Apple phone that was introduced at the January 9, 2007 Macworld Conference & Expo. The iPhone is smartphone that works like as an iPod, camera phone, PDA, and has Wi-Fi access that can be used to access and browse the Internet using its widescreen display.

The iPhone can also access the Apple App store, which has millions of other applications and games that can be loaded onto the phone.

2. A mobile handset from Linksys who's a subsidiary of Cisco. The iPhone handset connects to a Wi-Fi network and enables users to make wireless phone calls through their home computers using Skype. This phone enables users to use Skype anywhere in their home or office (within Wi-Fi range), similar to the traditional cordless home phone.

Because of the obvious trademark conflict with Apple, Cisco filed a trademark infringement against Apple shortly after its release. However, shortly after filing the trademark infringement the companies came to terms and agreed to share the name between the two different products.

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