1. ttyShort for TeleTYpewriter, TTY is a communications setup that has a keyboard and a printer. Each time a key is pressed, it is automatically printed to paper. Later, modern TTY machines print to a screen. Teletype machines were available in three different modes shown below.

TTY modes

  • Automatic Send and Receive (ASR) -- Able to send and receive.
  • Receive Only (RO) -- only capable of receiving data and not sending.
  • Keyboard Send and Receive (KSR) -- TTY with keyboard capable of sending and receiving data.

2. Today, TTY is used to describe a terminal session or line. Users who are using Linux may view a process or which users are logged in by typing a tty, such as ttyx, where x is any numerical value. For example, tty1, tty2, tty3, tty4, tty5, tty6, tty7, and so on.

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