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Founded in 1993 by David Lin, Rise Technology was a passing microprocessor manufacturer that produced the Intel x86 MMX (MultiMedia eXtension) compatible mP6 processor. The mP6 was a microprocessor that performs a smaller number of computer instructions to operate at a higher speed (perform more millions of instructions per second, or MIPS).

The Santa Clara, California-based company was started with funding from 15 Taiwanese investors, including UMC, Acer, and VIA Technologies. After multiple company restructurings, the mP6 was released at the end of 1998 and went into small production. The processor was meant for the low-end, low-power segment of laptop computers. It eventually found itself unable to compete in the computing market with the larger vendors (Intel and AMD), Rise re-structured itself to Internet appliances and set-top boxes. Rise Technology was acquired by SiS at the end of 1999.

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1999 - Rise Technology was acquired by SiS.