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Mouse over prompt
User chooses background color
Custom prompt

Mouse over prompt

A mouse over allows you to prompt the person when their mouse is over a particular link or picture; great for letting someone know what a picture is, if the image is small.


<div style="text-align:center">
  <table style="width:40%"> 
      <td><img height="64" src="" width="134" alt="Computer Hope"></td><td align="right"><a href="" onmouseover="alert('Produced by Computer Hope')">Who is responsible?</a></td>

What it looks like:

Computer HopeWho is responsible?

User chooses background color

Allow your users to choose their background color using JavaScript by adding the below code to your page.


<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='turquoise'">C</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='pink'">h</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='blue'">o</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='red'">o</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='yellow'">s</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='green'">e</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='white'">your</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='green'">o</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='seagreen'">w</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='magenta'">n</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='fusia'">b</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='purple'">a</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='navy'">c</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='royalblue'">k</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='Skyblue'">g</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='brown'">r</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='almond'">o</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='coral'">u</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='olivedrab'">n</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='teal'">d</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='black'">color!</a>

Another Choose your background

Instead of using links this example uses a form drop-down menu that allows the user to select their background color. The source code for this example is shown below. View the background demo.

  Change the background color:
  <select name="backGround" size="1" onChange=(document.bgColor=backGround.options[backGround.selectedIndex].value)>
    <option value="000000">[Black]
    <option value="730200">[Dark Red]
    <option value="231800">[Brown]
    <option value="044302">[Dark Green]
    <option value="0D09A3">[Dark Blue]
    <option value="444444">[Gray]
    <option value="FF0400">[Red]
    <option value="EFE800">[Yellow]
    <option value="05EF00">[Green]
    <option value="0206FF">[Blue]
    <option value="AE08EF">[Violet]
    <option value="FF8C8A">[Mauve]
    <option value="FFCCCC">[Peach]
    <option value="FFCC99">[Orange]
    <option value="D5CCBB">[Tan]
    <option value="DDDDDD">[Light Gray]
    <option value="FBFF73">[Light Yellow]
    <option value="7CFF7D">[Light Green]
    <option value="A6BEFF">[Light Blue]
    <option value="FFFFFF" selected>[White]

Custom prompt

Crate a prompt of any inputted text to learn how the JavaScript alert function works and what a prompt looks like in your browser.


  <div style="text-align:center">
      <textarea cols="30" name="text" rows="3"></textarea>
  <div style="text-align:center"> 
       <input onclick="alert(this.form.text.value)" type="button" value="Say it!">
       <input name="cancel" type="reset" value="Clear Prompt">

What it looks like:

Additional information

  • See our JavaScript definition for further information and related links on this term.