Known MS-DOS issues

Updated: 12/31/2020 by Computer Hope
ms-dos issues

Below are known Microsoft DOS issues and the resolutions to each of them, if available.


These issues related to early versions of MS-DOS. Current versions of the Windows command line do not have these issues.

Extended characters in the label of a drive

Earlier versions of Windows and MS-DOS allows extended characters to be entered into the label of the hard drive or disk drive. If invalid characters are detected in the label when running ScanDisk, it may attempt to correct the drive label and damage or destroy all the drive's data.

Xcopy and attributes

When using xcopy to copy the contents of a folder, the source folder's attributes are not applied to the new folder. The reason for this is because xcopy cannot copy attributes for directories. To fix this issue, ensure that you do not have the folders attributed.

More than 65 MB of RAM

MS-DOS 6.2 and above don't accept or recognize more than 64 MB of RAM when typing mem.

Window switching

If the Windows 95 command prompt is in window mode and you press Alt+Space, let go of the space while continuing to hold down Alt, and press Tab the menu stays up.

Screen saver minimizes the window

If a screen saver activates while in a Windows 95 MS-DOS window, the window is minimized when the screen saver is deactivated.