Donate to Computer Hope

Updated: 08/16/2021 by Computer Hope

Computer Hope appreciates anyone who wants to donate money for the time and effort we have spent creating this site. However, donating money to Computer Hope is not necessary and if you are looking to donate, we would much rather you try one of the other ways to help Computer Hope.

I still want to donate

If you'd still like to donate to Computer Hope, we have set up a PayPal donation button that lets you securely donate to Computer Hope. Thank you for your support.

Can I donate using a cryptocurrency?

Computer Hope bitcoin wallet QR Code

Computer Hope does have a wallet for the bitcoin cryptocurrency found by scanning the QR code shown to the right. Alternatively, our bitcoin wallet address is 1G8FbYFctKFZ6oAH6tHLsAqxg9jkWPk5TP.