Fallout walkthrough

Updated: 01/31/2019 by Computer Hope

Shady Sands

Talk to Katrina and help the farmer with the fields. You can recruit Ian now if you want, but not recommended (you run low on ammo for both you and Ian). Talk to the mayor Aradesh, Tandi, and get rope from Seth. Go to Vault 13 and kill all rats for exp. Come back to Shady Sands and if you have a scorpion tail (via random encounters or you did the caves) give it to doctor Razlo. Razlo will give you an antidote, go to the back room of doctor's office and use antidote on the patient (Jarvis). Go to scorpion caves and destroy it (get all the tails as Razlo will convert them into antidotes in three hours game time (each tail is also worth 10 caps and antidotes 50 caps). Talk to Aradesh again. If Tandi has not been kidnapped go out of town for two days and come back to talk to Aradesh again. Note that you can use NPC's as pack mules (unlimited carrying weight), stealing from NPC's is legal (even Chris Taylor says that's the way to go) and automatic.

Vault 15

Vault 15 is due east from Shady Sands. There isn't much to do here, but you'll need two ropes, and for your efforts, you'll get the SMG 10-mm, and a leather Jacket, as well as some other knick-knacks.


Goto Garl (leader) and say you want to bargain. Unload all your antidotes and a few odd items (I have the barter skill at around 50% so it cost me around 500) to trade for Tandi. Go back to Shady Sands. Talk to Aradesh again to get your reward (500 caps). Go back to raiders and kill them all. This is the way I did it. Go to the farthest tent and burst the lone guy (you might want to reload your gun with AP rounds). Kill him and stop combat. Go to the front of the house (as far as you can and still shoot) shoot the guard and move away, when you are far enough, kill him and stop combat. Repeat till you kill them all. However, its important to upgrade Ian's gun to a Desert Eagle with .44 FMJ as soon as possible (all guns are loaded with .44 JHP so unload and reload, but JHP is ok if you gotten it first). Also don't forget to wear leather armor as soon as you kill the first guy.


Talk to Lars and say you will help with Skulz. Go to Darkwater General store and wait for the assassin to show up. Blow the assassin away and agree to help Gillian. Go to the hotel and talk to Sherry. Rent a room for ONE night only, but don't go to bed yet. Go and recruit Dogmeat (wear leather jacket and have a shotgun, which you get from raiders, or you can feed him iguana on a stick), go to bar at 1800 hours and talk to Tyco, have him teach you survival and talk to him about the gangs and people in town, tell him Gillian want you to clean up and he will join you (this take a few conversations). Witness the event in the bar, ask the barkeep who the punks are and ask Trish about Saul. Go to Saul and tell him Trish is worry about him. Go back to hotel and sleep. Wake up and save Sinthia. Go to Gizmo's and tell him you want to work for him ask him why he wants to kill Gillian (the bug works automatically). Go back to Killian's and give him the confession. Report to Lars and blow Gizmo away (don't forget to come back and search Gizmo's room), you get 500 caps for this. To bust the Skulz you can either 1) Go to Skulz and ask to join, steal urn and show it to Skulz say you have stuff to do before blowing the barkeeper away, report to Lars and help him blow the Skulz away, report back to Lars to get exp. OR 2) convince Sherry to leave the Skulz, wait two days and convince her to confess, report to Lars and get exp. In all this if Doctor Morbid is not in his office go to his basement and talk to Gretch find out about the 'meat'. If morbid is in the basement and calls you a trespasser, don't let him take anything from you just blow him away (no karma if this happens).


Go to library and recruit Katja, transfer the SMG to her along with any 9mm AP ammo (make sure the SMG is loaded with AP ammo).


Go to the Library and talk to the Librarian (first building to the right in the center row), ask her about the water chip and buy the holodisk for 500 caps. Read the disk (tells you where to find the third Vault, location is Necropolis, which Gillian from Shady Sands will tell you where it is). Talk to Bob in downtown, tell him about his meat and the sheriff, get 50 to 75 caps a week out of him. Now go to Old Town in a building south of the arms merchant is stairs leading down. Go there to join the thieves circle. Go to Hightowers at Heights at night and sneak into the house (watch the door guard, as soon as he walks away from the door approach from the south side of house. Don't worry about closing the door just go in to the office (southwest corner). Disarmed and pick the strongbox. When you go out just wait for the guard to walk away from the door again. Buy combat armor and combat shotgun from arms merchant. Talk to the farmer (in a rundown house in the south side of downtown) and help him run bandits out of his house. Save before you agree to it! Kill the raiders and come back. He gives you a .223 pistol (best gun till plasma rifle or the special edition BB or the raygun). I recommend keeping the combat shotgun for now instead of transferring it to Tyco. Go ask the Fargo Traders the job, talk to Beth about deathclaw. Go to Old Town, Morgan is in the house at the southwestern corner and uncle is outside. Talk to Morgan, ask him about deathclaws (give him money, and later again to ask him about base), go out and uncle shows you the deathclaw lair. Kill it and search the mutant. Download the disk and read it. return and report. Talk to the man in front of the door (forgot name) after talking to Butch (Beth will now give you a 15% discount). Go to Kane and ask to do jobs, Do both Hightower and Jain (6500 or so caps for both jobs, plus the church's storehouse is full of goods), run to the sheriff and help him take care of Decker. Ask the water merchant for help as late as you can. The drug man (stim packs as well) is in old town the building east of the arms merchant. You can also get a free frag grenade by talking to the Crimson Caravan doorman.


Search the hotel desk. Go to manhole near a large group of ghouls, open it and go down. Go to the south end and find cattle prod, go to the exit (northwest corner). Talk to the good ghouls and offer to help. Go to the rat cave and get plasma pistol (not as good as .223 and Ian doesn't use it either). Go up the ladder near the exit (northwest corner). In the passage way search the shelves. Disarmed and pick the 'hole' in the wall. Talk to Set and offer to kill the mutants. Go back to the sewers and exit to the next area. Go up (don't kill anything yet), go to the manhole at the north end of the map. Go down and go towards the east side. Get the junk (parts of the pump). Go back to the good ghouls and study the books. Go back to the water station and talk to Harry, kill him. Search the book cases behind him. Free the ghoul prisoner and ask him where water come from. Fix the pump (northeast corner of the building). Go down the manhole in the southeast corner of building. Kill everything you see from now on. in the Vault go to level 3 and get the chip, at level 2 in the northwest corner room's locker is rad-x (I never have to buy any, because its free!). Necropolis will be invaded 15 days after you first enter (unless you already kill the master). The 500 day limit also starts when you first enter (400 if you have help from water merchants).

Vault 13

Go to level 2 first, talk to the people. The woman (forgot name) in the second room north side is the unrest leader, convince her by first saying its not too bad outside, what she's smoking, etc. (need speech skills), till you get the exp. award (save before doing of course). Talk to the third and fifth (I think) Southern rooms will tell you about the water thief. Go to level 3 and talk to water guard. Wait till midnight. Search the person once as he comes out of elevator (before thieving), and after the act. Now report to Overseer. You also get exp. for using the computers in the library.

Brotherhood of Steel

Ask to do the quest. You find out more information from Cabbot's partner who says, "What they are sending him/her down there for?"

Hub II

Buy rope from general store (his books are cheaper, but only one each type).


As soon as you enter the area eat the rad-x, don't worry about the radiation you already taken. Use the rope on the beam hanging out (about at the 8 o'clock position). Once down search everybody and locker, watch out for traps (usually your NPC's will trigger them). The body in Power Armor is where you get the proof the Brotherhood ask you to find (download all holodisk you find). Don't go back yet, use the yellow card on the elevator/lift door and go to level 2 (find red card here), loot! You can kill the robots now since they can't fight back.... (some robots have loot too) Level 4 is where the super computers is at, tell it to give you mainframe access and download/read everything. You also find the blue key here. Go to level 6 to fix the generator and restore primary power. Go back to level 4 and turn security measures off. Now go to level 5 and loot and kill defenseless robots. You can upgrade Tyco with combat shotgun.

Brotherhood of Steel II

Go back and go all the way down to level 6. Talk to Maxson and offer to scout the north for free. Go back up to check out each level. On level 3 is the armorer (southeast corner), talk to him and offer to get him the part for the Power Armor (you need to fix it yourself!) Go to the library to learn computer skills (via asking about holodisks from Vree). Go to the doctor on level 2 and increase all your stats by 1 point each (max of 10, cost a bit of money). Go talk to Talus at level 1, east side and ask about getting stuff, offer to rescue the initiate (if you didn't accidentally did it by now, if you did just talk to him again). Talk to Michael just outside and ask him about the part, say yes to being authorized (i.e. LIE), and say the forms haven't arrived (save before this), if your speech is good, he will give you the part, or you can steal it from Rhombus' locker return to the armorer and (save before doing this) repair the armor. You can also gain skill in unarmed and melee combat by watching the combat training in the training room.


Go to Old Town. In the building directly south of the entrance is where they are at, just kill them all.

Brotherhood of Steel III

Talk to the Talus again. Skip this if you already done it.

Boneyard II

Go to Adytum and talk to the chemist (Miles) and offer to get parts, go to deathclaw lair north east (they are very blind just stay about 8 hexes away and you can get it without a fight) and get the parts off the dead body on the east side of the building (the desk has goodies too). Go back and offer to take to Smitty to repair. Once the quest is done go to Smitty and get your plasma rifle upgraded. Talk to Miles and agree to go to Hub and get his books, come back and your power armor is now upgraded to harden power armor. Talk to Zimmerman now, ask him about the 'events', now go talk to the blades (the doorman, the husband, wife, and Razor, again sorry forgot names). Say to Razor Zimmerman sent you for his son, ask her who she's going to send to hell, download holodisk and read it. Go though deathclaw lair and talk to gunrunners say your friends need guns. (I use the deathclaws to level till level 14 or so before finishing it. Deathclaws appear at midnight everyday so, I exit rest till noon and come back to kill). The queen is in the basement (stairs is at northeast corner of warehouse), kill her and destroy the eggs. Go back to gunrunners and report (you can now buy at a 20% discount). Go back and help the blades free Adytum (you can't save Zimmerman). Talk to Razor (at the gate), the husband, wife, and doorman after the fight (its going to be slow). Don't forget to search the Zimmerman bunker. Go to the library and talk to Nicole and the ghoul, ask Nicole about the Children(she will offer help from Laura). Use this place to leave all your NPC's behind (except Dogmeat who WILL die), they will stay here and rejoin later if ask. The peaceful way is not talk to Nicole and just use Jain's robes and bluff your way in (you will have to get a COC badge from Lasher), but I like the destroy method better.


You get some melee weapons armed rangers after you enter the church (they are pretty good considering what they have, recommend you use steal skill to plant some small energy cells on the one with the ripper, and ripper on the one with spears, all these equipment could be looted from the cathedral members). Talk to Laura (second room to the left after entering church, I think), she will show and take you though, just kill everyone on the ground floor after Laura exits the church. Go all the way up to the top level and kill everything on the top floor and work your way down. Important note, on killing Morpheus use something other than the plasma rifle! You want an intact body to get the key (the black COC key). Don't forget to check the desks and bookcases out. Go down to ground floor and open the door. go to the basement and search the bookcases at the south east corner of the basement. Go though the secret door and fight your way though the caves to the vault. Hack the computer there to find out about the base. At level 2, after killing all the supermutants, mad scientists, and churchmen, you can rescue the prisoners at the southwest corner (they will blow up and you can't save them). Talk to the psychics at the northwest corner, ask him about the leader and let him anoint (misspell) you. Once you get the headgear kill them all. Go to level 3. Avoid the robot room and kill all the super mutants in the barracks first (west side), then the mad scientists (southeast side), kill the robots with pulse grenades (harms only robots so you can throw it when the robots surrounds you). Now you have 3 options:

  1. Arm the bomb: pick the locks on the door and elevator/lift door. Go down to level 4, again pick the locks, kill the guards and use your computer skill to arm the bomb.
  2. Kill the master: arm the helmet and walk into the secret corridor. On the first round of combat run behind the pillar to either your left or right (closest one) and do this: 1 AP step out, shoot till you have 1 AP left, step back behind the pillar. Once in a while a super mutant will show up behind you, just stay behind the pillar and kill the super mutant, repeat till the master is dead. You can use pulse grenades or plasma rifle. This option offers the most exp.
  3. Talk master out of his plan: Ask him about his plan's flaws, and have him ask the female mutants.

In all cases run as fast as you can out of the church (3 mins real time) after finishing what you choose to do.

Military base part I

Go to the base and exit to return to the Brotherhood.


Report to Maxson about the base, and go convince the elders about the danger, they will sent some 'help' with you (they don't appear until you reach the base). Goto Military Base.

Military base part II

Kill everyone, use the radio on the mutant to say you are under attack and need help now, then download the holodisk found. In this area its recommended you use the gatling laser instead of plasma rifle (keep both armed and use gatling as main weapon, you find gatling laser in the church). Go into the base. The forcefields system are: Yellow-you can disable temporary and red-you can walk though it (take some damage). The force field computer is at the northern corner, hack and play blackjacks, It will say forcefields down, but I think it just changes yellow to red (I think). There is another computer in the middle - just pump it for information, and shut down robots and alerts. Of course, kill everything. Level 4 is where the jail is (if you ask Harry in Necropolis to take you to the leader you will end up here, that's why I kill him first), I don't think you can convince the jailer or his girlfriend to be friendly to you. So, just kill the jailer (I left the girl alone). Go down to level 5, kill the leaders and go to the computer room, hack into the computer and hack again to see what codes mean, select one and run out of the base. If you can't hack very well, just use explosives on the computer and run out. End game.

The end game should be Free California Republic with Brotherhood as neutral protectors. You are still exile, but you didn't shoot the Overseer.

Experience points breakdown

Vault 13 Discover Waterthief: 1000
Kill Water Thief: 500
Stop Unrest Peacefully: 750
Return with Waterchip: 7500

Shady Sands: Destroy Radscorpion Nest: 500
Recruit Ian: 100
Make Antidote: 250
Cure Jarvis: 400
Talk to Katrina: 250
Irrigate the fields: 500
Return Tandi: 400

Free Tandi: 500
Free Slaves: 200/slave (max 400)

Talk Sherry out of Skulz: 500
Rescue Sinthia peacefully: 1000
Rescue Sinthia by killing raider: 400
Get Sherry's Confession: 500
Steal Neal's Urn: 400
Turn against Skulz: 300
Kill Gizmo: 600
OR kill Killian: 600 (can't do both)
Help Killian stop assassin: 400
Get Gizmo's confession: 500
Get rid of Skulz: 500 (this or get the confession, not both)
Recruit Tyco: 300
Recruit Dogmeat: 100
Pick Killian's personal safe: 600
Save Saul and Trish's relationship: 250
Killing Hightower: 600
Kill Jain: 1000 (you can do both of these for Decker first and still bust him)
Get necklace: 500
Help Irwin the farmer: 500
Get rid of Decker: 1400
Ask Water Merchant to help: 1000 (Don't do this unless you want a time limit of -100 days)
Kill Deathclaw for Merchants: 1000
Talk to Morgan: 800
Blackmail Iguana Bob: 500
Join Thieves Circle: 900

Rescue Ghoul: 500
Kill all mutants for Set: 1000
Fix Pump: 1000
Find Water Chip: 1500

Become Iitiate: 2000
Rescue Initiate: 1500
Convince Elders: 1500
Rebuild Power Armor: 500
Report on Mutant Base: 1500

The Glow: Restore Primary Power: 1000
Enter level 5: 1000
Disarm traps:

Boneyard: Recruit Katja: 200
Destroy Deathclaw Nest: 1000
Free Adytum: 2000

Kill Morpheus: 1000
Kree prisoners: 2000
Hack computer: 1250
Convince Psychic to give gear: 1000
Destroy Master: 1000

Military Base:
Use radio to decoy: 1500
Hack forcefield 'Puter: 800
Listen in on Conversation: 1000
Kill Lieutenant: 7500
Kill jailer: 3000