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Games Full listing of computer game terms, jargon, and slang.
DirectX Microsoft DirectX help and support.
Games All computer games listed on Computer Hope.
Sound card Sound card help and support.
Software Questions and answers relating to other computer software.
Video card Video card help and support.
Contacts Game companies and their contact information.
CHGAME Basic game troubleshooting.
CH000024 How to find out when a new game is going to be released.
CH000096 Where can I find cheat codes for my game?
CH000140 After running MS-DOS game now only starts MS-DOS not Windows.
CH000156 I've lost my unique identification number can you give me one?
CH000201 No sound in new game, elsewhere it works fine.
CH000482 Do you have a part, manual, warranty information, refund information, or rebate information?
CH000587 Getting old MS-DOS games to run in Windows.
CH000620 Why is my online game so slow?
CH000642 Help and information on LAN parties.
CH000732 Are Flat Panel LCD monitors good for gaming?
CH000789 How do I play my game over the Internet?
CH000968 How can I backup my games in Windows?
CH001087 My program, game, or other software is closing to desktop.
CH001264 Are Apple Macs good with gaming?
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