Issues and information on NiCad batteries

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

NiCad batteries are used when long life, high discharge rate, and low price are important hardware features.

Battery manufacturers recommend to slow charge a new NiCad battery for 24-hours before use. This initial trickle charge helps to redistribute the electrolyte to remedy dry spots on the separator. Such dry spots may appear when the electrolyte gravitates to the bottom of the cell during long storage. A slow charge also helps to bring all the individual cells back up to an equal charge level because each cell may have self-discharged to different capacity levels during storage.

Distinct advantages of today's NiCad batteries

Delivers high current output; relatively tolerant of overcharging; withstands up to 500 charging cycles.

Negative attributes of today's NiCad batteries

Mature technology with little tolerant of overcharging; withstands room for improvement; cadmium is environmentally troublesome; noticeable memory effect.

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