What are the currently available antivirus programs?

Updated: 01/31/2023 by Computer Hope
Antivirus programs and companies

Below is a list, in alphabetical order, of companies that provide antivirus programs and the platforms they protect. Clicking a company link takes you to a separate page containing information about that company, including their website and contact info. Many of these antivirus protection programs are available for purchase through Amazon.

Below the company list is information about online virus scanners and how to find the best antivirus software for your needs based on reviews.


All new versions of Windows come with a free antivirus program called Windows Defender.

Company Windows Apple Linux Mobile Free?
AntiVir Yes No Yes No Yes
AVG Yes No No Yes Yes
Avast Yes No No Yes Yes
Avira Yes No Yes Yes Yes
BitDefender Yes No Yes Yes No
BullGuard Yes No No Yes No
ClamWin Yes No No No Yes
Comodo Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Doctor Web Yes Yes Yes Yes No
ESET NOD32 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
F-Prot Yes No Yes No No
Kaspersky Yes Yes Yes Yes No
McAfee Yes Yes Yes Yes No
MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) Yes No No No Yes
Netlux Yes No No Yes No
Network Associates Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Panda Software Yes No Yes No No
RAV Yes Yes Yes No No
Sophos Yes Yes Yes No No
Symantec (Norton) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Trend Micro Yes No No Yes No
VIPRE Yes No No No No
Webroot Yes Yes No Yes No

Online scanners

Computer Hope recommends trying an online virus scanner. While some are not as robust as full-priced software, they are convenient in checking your computer's files for malware without needing to install a program. Furthermore, most offer free basic service.

Which antivirus is the best?

Below are two review sites we suggest looking at to know the best antivirus program for you. These pages are updated frequently and run through a complete test with each program.