Computer virus questions and answers

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Virus Computer virus dictionary definition and related links.
McAfee McAfee questions and answers.
Norton Norton questions and answers.
Security Other security related questions and answers.
CH000104 What is a computer virus?
CH000105 Information on the Excel/Laroux virus.
CH000106 Information on the Alive.3400 virus.
CH000107 Information on the Stoned Empire Monkey virus.
CH000108 Information on the E-Morph virus.
CH000125 Does Windows come with a virus protection program?
CH000163 IBM antivirus generates error code 18 after upgrading to Windows 98.
CH000358 What is win386.swp.
CH000450 What is the file jdbgmgr.exe?
CH000514 What are the current available antivirus programs?
CH000529 Why am I getting e-mails telling me I am sending viruses?
CH000530 Should I run an update or patch I receive in e-mail?
CH000533 How do I update my antivirus program?
CH000617 Where can I find free online virus scanners?
CH000653 How do I create a computer virus?
CH000737 Do Macs get viruses?
CH000864 How do I disable my antivirus program in Windows?
CH000896 Is this file infected with spyware, virus, or other malware?
CH000919 Can I get a virus when I read my e-mail?
CH000931 How do I remove a virus and malware from my computer?
CH000992 If I format or erase my hard drive will it remove a virus?
CH001013 Do antivirus companies create computer viruses?
CH001045 How does a computer get infected with a virus or spyware?
CH001119 Can a virus damage computer hardware?
CH001124 My computer is slow after installing an antivirus.
CH001136 Is it ok to have more than one antivirus installed?
CH001138 If I have a firewall do I need an antivirus?
CH001172 Can a thumb drive be infected with a virus?
CH001196 Is it a crime to make a computer virus?
CH001260 What is the difference between a virus and malware?
CH001385 Does Microsoft call about computer being infected with virus?
CH001386 How do I test a virus scanner?
CH001402 How to remove or uninstall an anti-virus program.
CH001403 Is it ok to have a spyware and anti-virus program installed?
CH001404 Why do people create viruses and malware?
CH001546 How do I scan or check for computer viruses?
CH001585 What is a quick and deep or full antivirus scan?
CH001607 How do I update my antivirus if the license is expiring?
CH001623 What are the top 10 computer viruses of all time?
CH001738 How does an antivirus work?
CH001818 Can smartphones get infected with viruses or malware?
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