Where can I get a free computer or laptop?

Updated: 12/30/2019 by Computer Hope

We are unaware of any company that legitimately offers users free computers without any strings attached. However, there are different organizations that donate computers and computer equipment to those in need.


If you need a computer temporarily to create a resume, look something up on the Internet, or do other computer work many local libraries have computers that can be used by anyone. If you are in an area with no local libraries, try an Internet cafe.

Can Computer Hope send me a free computer or laptop?

Computer Hope does not have the resources to send anyone a free computer. However, we do offer 100% free computer support and help to anyone with their computer.

Free computers in the past

In the past, there were companies who offered free computers in exchange for you viewing advertisements. Unfortunately, none of these companies succeeded and have all closed.

Additional information

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