Computer hardware questions and answers

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Reference Question
Hardware Dictionary definition and related links on hardware.
APM Advanced Power Management help and support.
Battery Computer batteries help and support.
BIOS BIOS help and support.
Case Computer chassis help and support.
CD-ROM CD-ROM drive help and support.
Cleaning Information on cleaning the computer and computer components.
CMOS CMOS help and support.
CPU Computer processor help and support.
ESD ESD precautions, information, and help.
Floppy Floppy disk drive help and support.
Heat sinks Heat sink and fan help and support.
Hard drive Hard drive help and support.
Keyboard Keyboard help and support.
Laptop Laptop help and support.
Memory Memory (RAM) help and support.
Modem Modem help and support.
Monitor Computer monitor help and support.
Motherboard Motherboard help and support.
Mouse Computer mouse help and support.
Parallel port Parallel port help and support.
Printer Computer printer help and support.
Scanner Scanner help and support.
Sound card Sound card help and support.
Speakers Computer speakers help and support.
USB USB help and support.
Video card Video card help and support.
Contacts Hardware companies and their contact information.
Drivers Computer drivers and manufacturer listing.
Tips Tips relating to the computer hardware
Buying tips Additional information and help with purchasing computer hardware.
CHADD How to install computer hardware.
CHREMOVE How to remove computer hardware.
CH000017 Ways of locating hardware and other system specifications.
CH000037 Static resource conflict.
CH000039 What are the differences between software and hardware?
CH000100 Is there a way to tell how hot my CPU is running?
CH000302 Noise from computer.
CH000494 How to find what hardware is installed in the computer.
CH000546 What hardware device drivers should be updated?
CH000556 Where do I send my computer for repair?
CH000633 After adding new hardware computer does not work.
CH000696 How can I make my computer quieter?
CH000699 Should I get an extended warranty?
CH000776 My computer does not start unless I restart it multiple times.
CH000802 My computer or computer plug is sparking or smoking.
CH000953 What hardware do you recommend or what is the best?
CH000963 How often should I reboot or restart my computer?
CH000983 Where can I buy computer hardware or other parts for my computer?
CH000997 What does the inside of a computer look like?
CH001010 Should my computer fans be sucking or blowing?
CH001027 Do airport X-rays damage flash media, floppy diskettes, or laptop computers?
CH001035 Common questions regarding refurbished computers and hardware.
CH001056 What is a computer?
CH001059 What's hot-swappable or can be unplugged while computer is on?
CH001088 How can I test for hardware failures in my computer?
CH001149 Open or move pictures from digital camera to computer.
CH001171 Unable to read USB thumb drive.
CH001541 Why are there so many types of USB cables?
CH001175 Can a computer get damaged if it gets too cold?
CH001208 Is it normal for the computer power light to blink?
CH001355 What is the difference between an input and output device?
CH001379 What is the difference between a connector, jack, plug, and port?
CH001380 What makes a computer fast and powerful?
CH001467 How can I measure a computer's performance?
CH001470 A pin or cable is bent, broken, or missing.
CH001482 How do I format a flash drive?
CH001486 Can my computer or monitor cause cancer?
CH001491 How do I connect my Xbox to my computer?
CH001492 How many MP3's or photos can I put on my flash drive?
CH001540 Are smartphones and tablets computers?
CH001632 How does a computer convert text into binary or 0's and 1's?
CH001652 How do I open Resource Monitor in Windows?
CH001664 How to find information about my computer.
CH001773 How to connect a microphone to a computer.
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