How to increase your download speed

Updated: 05/05/2017 by Computer Hope

Internet speedWarning: This page contains steps on increasing the download speed of a specific file, not a web page. If your everything on the Internet seems slow troubleshoot your slow Internet connection.

Alternate sources or time

Many files available on the Internet today are mirrored onto other locations and available through other sites. If the file you're downloading is slow try seeing if it's available on another web page. Also, see if the site you're getting the file from provides links to multiple locations to download the file try a different location, even if it's farther away.

Additionally, if the file is popular, it may be best to try getting the file at a different time or different source. If thousands of people are downloading from the same source, it can decrease the speed of the download.

Download managers

A download manager is software which speeds up a single file download by opening multiple network connections to download many parts of the file at once. It should be noted that this method does not work with all sites and is limited by the bandwidth your ISP provides you, but many times can decrease the time it takes to get a large file.

Computer Hope's recommend download manager is FDM, also known as Free Download Manager. This program may be acquired by visiting their website.

Tip: When searching for alternative download managers be cautious as some free download managers have been known to include spyware and adware. When installing any free program read carefully to what you're agreeing to, and watch for any extra check mark boxes asking if it's ok to install other programs.

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