Help my Twitter account has been hacked

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

TwitterWhen a Twitter account is hacked or taken over, the attacker almost always uses that account to advertise, spread spam, and spread viruses. If your Twitter account is tweeting or making posts you have not made, your account is compromised. Log into your Twitter account from the web page and change your password.

Tip: If you have granted third-party applications access to your Twitter account, these programs can make Twitter posts on your account. To see what programs have access to your Twitter account open the Twitter application settings. If you want to prevent these programs from posting on your Twitter page click the Revoke access link.

Twitter password doesn't work

If your Twitter password does not work, click the Forgot password? link under the username and password login boxes on Twitter's website. You will be prompted to have the password reset information sent to your account's registered e-mail address.