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With grammar, a determiner or determinative is a word that modifies a noun or noun equivalent. For example, in the sentence "Do you want to buy this old computer from me?" the word "this" is the determiner. In this example, "this" tells us what computer (noun) is being talked about in the sentence.


A determiner has a lot of similarities to an adjective and may also be considered an adjective.

What are 20 determiner examples?

Below are 20 different examples of words that are determiners. These are only a few of the determiners used in the English language.

  1. a
  2. all
  3. an
  4. any
  5. few
  1. his
  2. her
  3. its
  4. many
  5. my
  1. none
  2. one
  3. seven
  4. the
  5. this
  1. that
  2. these
  3. those
  4. our
  5. your

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