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An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, adjective, another adverb, determiner, clause, preposition, or sentence. For example, in the sentence "My computer runs slowly when its hot." the word "runs" is the verb, and "slowly" is the adverb that modifies the verb.


Adverbs often end in "ly."

What are 20 adverb examples?

Below are 20 different examples of words that are adverbs. These are only some of the thousands of different adverbs used in the English language.

  1. abnormally
  2. accidentally
  3. boldly
  4. correctly
  5. deliberately
  1. evenly
  2. far
  3. fast
  4. honestly
  5. instantly
  1. loudly
  2. often
  3. rarely
  4. seemingly
  5. poorly
  1. seldom
  2. sometimes
  3. thoroughly
  4. warmly
  5. wholly

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