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django definitionDjango may refer to any of the following:

1. Django is a web application framework from the Django Software Foundation which aims to make the creation of database-driven websites easier. Written in the Python programming language, it focuses on the ability to reuse and easily plug in components.

Its features include a cache system, unit test system, test server, administrative interface, and tools to assist with creating RSS feeds.

Django is released under a BSD license and is named after the guitarist Django Reinhardt.

More information on Django can be found on the Django website.

2. Django was the original name of a software tablature editor for lutes and other stringed instruments. The software is now called Fandango. It was developed by French musician and programmer Alain Veylit. Its main features include support for instruments up to 16 strings, Unicode support, MIDI tools, and more.

Further information about Fandango can be found on the Fandango website.

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