Updated: 11/16/2019 by Computer Hope

The term dupe may refer to any of the following:

1. A dupe is an exact duplicate or copy of another item. To "dupe" an item is to create a perfect copy of it. For example, to "dupe a disk" is to create an exact copy of its data. For an entire disk, this dupe may be called a clone, and the duplication process is called "cloning."

2. In computer games, duping may refer to the act of a player manipulating a game to duplicate a legitimate item, in violation of the game's official rules. For example, a player may dupe in-game currency or a high-level item, to gain an advantage over other players. Speedrunners may dupe items to bypass in-game requirements, allowing them to complete the game faster.


Duping items in a video game may violate the game publisher's TOS (terms of service). If you attempt to dupe items in an online game, you may be banned, preventing you from playing the game. Computer Hope does not provide information about duplicating items in online video games.

3. The term dupe may be used colloquially to mean "cheat" or "deceive." For example: "The salesman duped me, and I paid him double the value of the car."

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