Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

TOS may refer to any of the following:

Terms of use

1. Short for terms of service, TOS is a contract or agreement made between a company and the end-user using the product. If the user voids the agreement the user may be inflicted with penalties. For example, a user disobeying a TOS may be banned from the service. Computer Hope's TOS may be reviewed as part of our legal information. TOS may also be referred to as terms of use.

2. Short for type of service, TOS is defined in RFC 1349, 2474, and 3168 and is a field found in IPv4 packets.

3. Short for tape operating system, TOS is an operating system developed by IBM and ran from a tape drive in early computers in the 1960s. With the many limitations of tape drives TOS was replaced with the disk operating systems still in use today.

4. Shorthand for teacher over shoulder, see the TOS definition for further information.

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