Updated: 10/17/2017 by Computer Hope
Windows NetMeeting logo

Microsoft introduced the NetMeeting application to allow for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications and videoconferencing. NetMeeting used the H.323 protocol for videoconferencing and was also compatible with OpenH323 clients like Ekiga and ILS (Internet Locator Service). It also allowed for application and desktop sharing, remote desktop sharing and transfer of files between client computers.

NetMeeting was available for use starting with later versions of Internet Explorer 3 and Windows 95 OSR2 and continued up through Windows XP. NetMeeting was a popular application for videoconferencing, until free videoconferencing solutions appeared in applications like Yahoo! Messenger, MSN (Microsoft Network) Messenger, and Skype. Microsoft changed course at this point and focused on Windows Messenger and Microsoft Office Live Meeting for its offering of videoconferencing capabilities.

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