Network administrator

Updated: 12/29/2017 by Computer Hope

A network administrator is an individual or group of individuals responsible for the maintenance and operation of a network or server.

Network administrator responsibilities

A network administrator may be responsible for more than network maintenance, and may be assigned to one or more of the below tasks.

  • Allocating and adding disk storage space.
  • Designing or redesigning the network.
  • Expanding the network.
  • Helping employees with computer questions.
  • Installing and upgrading computers and network equipment on the network.
  • Managing filters and rules (e.g., ACL's, firewalls, QoS, spam filters).
  • Monitoring the network.
  • Resetting usernames and passwords.
  • Setting up a network, network device, or computers on the network.
  • Testing a network for security vulnerabilities.

Examples of network administrator certifications

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