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Reference Questions
Network All dictionary definitions and terms relating to computer networks.
FTP Help and information with FTP.
Internet Our listing of questions and answers relating to the Internet.
Security Listing of security questions and answers.
Drivers Computer network card drivers and manufacturer listing.
Contacts Contact information for network equipment manufacturers.
CHADD Additional information with installing computer hardware.
CH000444 Ping, winipcfg, and other network commands help.
CH000445 Basic network troubleshooting.
CH000469 How do I setup my own home network?
CH000470 Missing Network protocol.
CH000471 Incorrect Protocol version.
CH000472 How to map a network drive.
CH000473 IPC$ error when attempting to connect to Windows NT or 2000.
CH000483 How to find my IP address.
CH000485 Missing network icon on Windows Systray.
CH000488 Older Modem and Network cards do not work in Windows XP.
CH000500 How do I find what network card and network I'm using?
CH000534 How to view all network shares in Windows.
CH000599 Missing Desktop Network icon.
CH000600 How to copy information from one computer to another.
CH000608 How do I change network settings from MS-DOS?
CH000637 How do I limit the upload available on my computer?
CH000639 How to make a network cable.
CH000642 Help and information on LAN parties.
CH000710 How can I share a printer between multiple computers?
CH000783 How can I send messages to other computers?
CH000784 How do I change my IP address?
CH000827 How do I determine my computers name?
CH000842 How can I access my home computer from work or school?
CH000941 How do I determine and change the workgroup I'm in?
CH000962 How do I determine the IP address of another computer or website?
CH001001 How do I map an FTP address in Windows?
CH001046 Monitoring network upload and download data transferred.
CH001048 In Microsoft Windows how do I enable and disable DHCP?
CH001054 Why can I not ping,, or other site?
CH001055 How can I determine the IP address of a website?
CH001062 Accessing home network router setup and console.
CH001103 What is my IP address?
CH001161 How can I change my computers DNS address?
CH001170 How do I determine a printer IP address?
CH001200 How do I adjust the settings of my home router?
CH001201 How can I open or forward a port on my router?
CH001202 Why has my IP address changed?
CH001203 How do I crack the WEP code for a WIFI connection?
CH001204 Forgot router username and password how to reset router.
CH001286 Blank page when trying to open router setup.
CH001287 How do I update the firmware on my router?
CH001289 How to secure your home wireless network router.
CH001316 How can I hide my IP address?
CH001324 Opening port for program or game in Windows Firewall.
CH001327 How do I view my networks Subnet Mask?
CH001353 Hide the network cable is unplugged icon in the notification area.
CH001410 How do I enable and disable Wi-Fi?
CH001483 What does destination host unreachable mean?
CH001505 Internet continuously connecting and disconnecting.
CH001559 Difference between a network hub, switch, and router?
CH001575 Why is my Wi-Fi not working?
CH001584 Can a phone be used as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot?
CH001631 How to ping an IP address or website.
CH001633 How to logout of a computer.
CH001636 How to share files between a Linux and Windows computer.
CH001637 How to find Mac address.
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