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An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) command that enables users to register their nick, so they are the only user with that name, helping prevent confusion and false identification. Below is an example of how the NickServ command may work on an IRC server. Remember that not every IRC server uses the same software, and that this command may operate differently.


The following commands need to run from the server window and not in a channel or message window, if you expect to see returned results.

/msg nickserv help
/nickserv help

The commands above display the help screen in the main server window in IRC, displaying all the available commands for nickserv.

/nickserv register password e-mail

Above is an example of how to register the nick you are currently using. In the example, you would substitute the password for the password you want to use to log in and e-mail with your e-mail address. Most servers require a valid e-mail address that they e-mail with a verification code.

If the nick you are attempting to register is already used by someone, you receive an error similar to "Nickname nick is already registered!"

/nickserv identify password

Once your nick is registered, each time you log in to the IRC server, to use your registered nick, you must identify with the server using the command above. In the example, you would substitute password with the password you used earlier to register.

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