Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

3-D may refer to any of the following:

3D wireframe

1. Alternatively called three-dimensional, 3-D or 3D describes of a visual object with the appearance of depth and field. The picture shows a 3-D ball overlaying a wireframe.


A great example of a free, open source 3-D program for anyone interested in graphics and animation is Blender.

Should I use "3D" or "3-D" in my writing?

Today, both "3-D" and "3D" are widely used and vary depending on the style guide you follow. We follow the Microsoft Manual of Style and use "3-D" (with a hyphen) in our writing unless "3D" is part of a product name.

2. A 3-D accelerator is a graphics card with additional processing power and memory for improving the performance and appearance of 3-D images. See our graphics accelerator for further information.

3. With audio, 3-D is a method of describing sound seemingly coming from all directions.

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