Preventive maintenance

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope
Preventive maintenance

The act of a regularly scheduled check of the computer hardware or software to help ensure it continues to operate properly. Below are some preventive maintenance steps you can take with your computer or computer hardware.

Computer preventive maintenance

  1. Cleaning your computer hardware.
  2. Downloading the latest drivers for your hardware.
  3. Downloading the latest updates for your computer software.
  4. Verifying you have the latest antivirus protection updates on your computer.
  5. Running disk software utilities, such as Defrag and ScanDisk on your hard drive.
  6. Deleting unused programs or other files on your computer.
  7. If you don't turn off your computer, it is good to reboot your computer every few weeks, unless it's a critical computer, like a server.

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